Iron Covenant Ambassadors

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Brandon Brown


Brandon was born and raised in Pendleton, SC. Where he attended Pendleton high school with his fellow brother Will. From that point on, a bond was formed between the 2 that could not be broken. After high school Brandon took on many endeavors from tattooing to becoming a citified forklift trainer.Which he is still currently doing today. But always had his brother Will's back while he was serving our country. In the past couple of years he has taken on a big interest in fitness and health. Not only has he overcome obstacles while trying to achieve his goal, but he has never stopped chasing them. He is currently in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer so he can helps other achieve their goals while constantly improving his. 


Cody Patterson

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Native of Alabama born and raised. Served 6 years with the 501st as a forward observer qualified to control any platform. First started weight training during our 1 yr deployment in 2011-2012. After continued to train soldiers and completed the personal training course with the Alaska club in anchorage AK to better prepare soldiers for future deployments on a physical and nutritional level. After 3 years out of the gym to focus on my career, it's time to start the journey again. I look forward to helping others with knowledge and understanding of how to become a better you. My quote...always push forward and you will never fall back. The definition of life is up and down. But only you can choose to go forward or back- Cody Patterson.


"Everything is impossible, until someone crazy enough comes along and makes it possible" 

                      -CT Fletcher

"I've got a dream that is worth more than the sleep."

                  -Eric Thomas